Counsel and Compliance On Demand Support

  • Flexible and on demand legal compliance services available to work with existing in-house teams or to act as an on demand general counsel or chief compliance officer

Commercial Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Counseling

  • Counsel clients on anti-kickback considerations and compliance with industry standards

  • Develop compliance manuals, policies, and standard operating procedures

  • Prepare audits, gap analyses, and risk assessments of companies’ compliance policies to identify potential gaps and necessary additional policies and procedures

  • Conduct on-site and remote management and sales force training 

  • Serve as an on-site adjunct to the legal or compliance department and work directly with the business people to realize the company's legal and compliance objectives.

Investigation, Litigation and Expert Witness Support

  • Conduct sensitive internal investigations in an independent and efficient manner

  • Collaboration with In-House and Outside Counsel to evaluate issues under the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback statutes and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and put in place a defensible, thorough plan to properly respond to real issues.

  • Expert Witness Support


  • Legal billing optimization including review and implementation of billing guidelines, electronic billing systems, outside counsel RFP processes and creating of effective alternative fee arrangements.

  • E-discovery - setting up defensible legal hold processes, analyzing and optimizing document review, creating defensible e-discovery plans to minimize document review spend.

  • Enterprise Risk Management - assessment of enterprise risk, including guidance on creating of effective ERM committees to drive strategic optimization of spending on company risks.